Makeup Fukubukuro!!!!

December 26th, 2014


Sometimes, I would buy a mystery bag of something. It’s hit or miss but it’s enjoyable to guess what I will get. One year, I got almond-colored caulk from the hardware store. Another time, I got 500 floppy disks (which I dropped off at the computer lab at Ivy Tech, and giggled when the profs wondered what the frell does a box of 500 floppy disks has shown up out of nowhere). And if I go to a place where Sanrio has a shop, I always buy their grab bags. To this day, I drink coffee from a blue Hello Kitty mug.

So here I am in the Hoosier State, with no Sanrio in sight. Woot crashes on my browser when their Bag of Crap is offered, and I am really not interested in almond caulk.

This year, the guys and gals of Beautylish has something for me.

For 75 bux, I bought a lucky bag of makeup. I was glad to see past pics from fortunate customers. They got Z Palettes and Lit glitter and that thing in which streaks your hair an unnatural color. Some even have a Wayne Goss brush.

Watch this blog so I can post pics of this year’s Bold Lucky Bag!

Album of the Moment: Chorus by Erasure

December 26th, 2014

I had this in cassette tape and worn it out. And years later, I can still sing the lyrics to “Love to Hate You” and I can still remember that reference to “I Will Survive”.

LMdB VIP program: not renewing.

July 16th, 2014

I got my email invite to re-join Le Métier de Beauté Beauty Vault. After consideration and a realistic look at my makeup stash, I decided not to join.

Here are the reasons why:

1) My budget is tight right now. (Then again, most people’s budget is tight.) I had a car accident and I needed to put down on a Honda. I do not have $348 laying about to spend on makeup, no matter the quality and luxe status.

2) I am more a hoarder than a user of makeup. For me, I would save up MAC’s limited edition eyeshadows, and would trade for some rare item. I have about 25 brand-new-in-box shadows, plus 20 lipsticks, new-in-box. I do not want to use up my colors only to realise MAC won’t release a similar color. (I know, quite irrational.) I skipped Lorde’s Pure Heroine lipstick because I have similar colors. Which brings me to another reason.

Ariel wants more makeup!

3) I’m with Specktra’s Low-Buy group. We wanted to be budget-minded. Some of us are facing financial crunches. We are all there on our thread, skipping new releases and comparing colors. I learned that colors are cyclical– there will always be a dark plum lipstick release every year. Reds are always in.

4) With LMdB, I get stuff that is very good but rarely use it. Since I am on Low-Buy, I want to use up my products. So I had to set them aside for my current products. I still use the Sephora remover, I am using up Urban Decay’s eyeliners, and I have 30 used lipsticks I can choose any day.

So this year, I am skipping out.

Song of the Moment: Mile End by Pulp

May 25th, 2014

A certain Pythonista moved to London. Her flat has a great view… of bricks. This is for you, may your apartment never outslum Mile End.

Private, Schivate

May 9th, 2014

To the 32 pastors who sent Wilken that letter:

You sent the letter to the Council of Presidents and the Praesidium, about 40 or so guys. That’s not private. Private is when you make a phone call or a face-to-face visit and admonish the person. What you all did was attempting to ruin Wilken’s reputation.

You call down the thunder, now reap the whirlwind.

Nice product, WRONG skin color.

April 3rd, 2014

I just got the LMdB VIP package for this month, and I got this:

It has a value of $75 according to Neiman Marcus, but to me, it’s worthless.

It’s made to fight signs of ageing, and cover imperfections. It is suitable for all skin types.

But I cannot use it. I’m too dark for Shade 2. I left a message on the Facebook page, and hopefully I was not a total bitch. I’m going to swap it on Specktra.

Song of the Moment: Just a Gigolo by Barbi(e) and the Kens

March 11th, 2014


Song of the Moment: Wordy Rappinghood

March 9th, 2014

Heard this sometime back on a defunct radio station (Radio Nigel). It popped in my brain just a few seconds ago.

Song of the Moment: (This Is Not A) Love Song

February 14th, 2014

Le Métier de Beauté VIP Subscription, February 2014

January 24th, 2014

Enjoyed the 2014 Symposia at Concordia Theological Seminary, and it was nice to see some of my classmates from Irvine attending. Had two meals with them. Wore my Burberry Military Red as I want to convey a confident “aura”. Felt like I am blessed with a good career and a wonderful husband. My mind felt good, so I will report to my shrink about that. (This sounds like what Woody Allen would type in one of his screenplays.) Went back to work today, and when I got home, I found a package at the doorstep. It arrived earlier than usual, so it was a pleasant surprise.

For Valentine’s Day, the guys at LMdB sent us two polishes and a lipstick. The polishes are Red Lodge (classic berryish red) and Cocoa Cabana (light chocolate brown), and I received Captiva (pinky light brown) as the lipstick. Some ladies received lipsticks in Bali (burgundy) and Bondi Beach (rose). Other lip colors mentioned are Cannes, Riviera, and Ibiza.

My impression was that my set is the type of colors a professional working woman would wear: safe and classic. Bali would be good for after work. Captiva is for office ladies. I rarely wear nude-like pinky browns. I usually have crummy luck wearing nudes. The MAC counter assistants would tell me the colors would ‘wash me out’ and does not suit my NW40 skin. I need a third party, so I am going to the makeup counter at Sephora and try it on under bright light and get an opinion before wearing it on a regular basis.

I now have 5 LMdB polishes in my stash, and I have not worn polish for months. I need to get a good base and top coat, something very strong and durable.

I think I have a good box this month, and as usual, LMdB delivered high value. The polishes run $18 each, and the lipstick costs $32. I really enjoy getting these boxes because of the variety. I got blush/bronzer, eye makeup, and lipsticks– that’s a complete face, plus skincare and polish. I even got eye makeup remover, so it’s like getting the basics of makeup. If this year is a good year, I will resubscribe.

SKINCARE UPDATE: Oh, my burning eye area. I washed my face twice and my skin in my eye area burned. The In My Kit Facebook group suspected that the Clean & Clear is much too strong for my face and I got a recommendation for CeraVe foaming cleanser. It’s 11 bux with a coupon at CVS. I will try this tonight and see if that works.

Song of the Moment: Ball of Confusion by Love and Rockets

January 17th, 2014

Potpourri of Links: Grace, Discipline, and a Spanish Movie

January 14th, 2014

CAPTIVATED BY GRACE: The Steadfast Lutherans scored an interview with Tullian Tchividjian. Very good interview so far (and there will be more soon), and he gave credit to various theologians from our Synod, plus Bo Giertz. And we thought only seminarians read The Hammer of God. If I could speak to him, I would tell him to continue in that direction and keep on sharing the 200 proof Gospel. And in case you figure that you want to walk the Wittenberg Trail, let us know. Our seminaries are more than happy to help you.

MASTERS OF THEIR DOMAIN: This is for people who are weighted down by pornography, with viewing and accompanying behavior. Yes, I am talking about masturbation. Or fapping, if you want to use slang. A bunch of Redditors noted that their porn habits have really affect their sex lives, their social lives, and spiritual lives. That is where the NoFap subreddit comes in. (NSFW linkage for frank talking) It is a non-sectarian subreddit but welcomes religion, as many Fapstronauts have religion as their motivation. You join, and the most likely first thing they do is refer to the TEDx talk “Your Brain On Porn.” YBOP is a great video on the science of how porn affect your brain, especially the pleasure center. Then you try to avoid porn and fapping for 90 days, to reset their brain. What makes it different from conventional (often Christian) methods is that there is a JOY OF DISCIPLINE. Fellow men are encouraging each other, they open up about the surge of energy and motivation they feel, they even noticed the improvement of human interactions. Sometimes people experienced deep emotions, like entering a Technicolor’d realm when they were living in greyscale. If you need help, NoFap is a good start, and please partake of Confession and Absolution so you can start the journey right.

GREAT LENGTHS: Just rediscovered an old Mexican remake of this Catholic movie Un Traje Blanco. The Mexican remake is called Primera Comunion. A poor kid wanted to make his First Communion. But white suits cost money, so he tries to earn money by any means for that suit. With my limited Spanish, I think I remembered that his dad is an atheist/”None”. It also reminded me of when the local Catholic Church refused to catechize me due to my disability. I never had my First Communion, and I settled with Welch’s and crackers at the Assembly of God church. I do wish that I can have that moment, but God wanted me to be a Protestant. I was so glad that I was confirmed/inducted into the Lutheran church. No white dress, but I had a pretty green dress with little purple flowers.

If you do not mind the B-Movie quality, here is the film on Youtube:

LMdB VIP Box, December ’13 and January ’14

January 2nd, 2014

Sorry I missed a post for the December installment. My work kept me from posting.

LMdB specially packed December’s gift in tinsel and red boxes.

It’s a face kaleidoscope, with blush, bronzer, highlighter, and setting powder. Did not use it, as I forgot how to use bronzer and highlighter. I am more interested in lipsticks and eyeshadow than any makeup.

Which brings to this month’s package. This month, I got a needful thing. After the day is done, we have to remove the remains of today and prepare for tomorrow. Do not be fooled at the mundane nature of this month’s installment, you will be grateful when you wipe off the crud and mascara off your eyes with this product:

According to Neiman Marcus, this is a 32 dollar value, and it’s specially made for stubborn things like stained lipstick and waterproof mascara. This is an oil-water mixture (was going to say suspension, but there are no solid particles and it’s not an emulsion either) that you shake it up and wipe where you need to wipe. I have a similar product on hand from Sephora, but it’s mainly for eyes.

I will use it, but I need to finish my Sephora remover. Do not want to waste current items I use.

A DIGRESSION ON SKINCARE: I ran out of the La Prairie cleanser a month ago, and I do not want to spend much. So I ended up with Clean & Clear. I remember my sister using the orange gel. It was made for teenage/young adult skin. It has a pleasant smell. And it’s cheap as hell. Bonus: it no longer contains triclosan. It works great on my skin, unlike some cleansers I tried. Been using this for over a month and I see nothing weird happening. Which is why I am thinking whether or not to purchase a different night cream. I have become aware of beauty woo with manufacturers using pseudoscience wording and extraordinary claims. I mean, how does a cream “know” to respond to the condition of any skin? You are talking as if the cream is made of nanomachines and it borders on sentience. So I have plenty of research to do and lots of BS to shovel through.

Protected: Our Christmas Letter for 2013

November 17th, 2013

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Whispers of Heresy: Why Natural Revelation is Not Enough

November 15th, 2013

If you rely on mystical and extraBiblical experiences based on Nature, you will not get the Gospel but the Law. Bees sting, animals eat each other, the rain will drench you and people will breathe their last, becoming maggot food. This is Natural Revelation, a God Who is angry and has let the world fall apart. Where is Jesus in this video? Did Jesus tell us where He is now? Not in birdsong, not in pithy e-mail but in the Word and Sacraments. This video fall short, as it focused on feeling, not a concrete reality.

As Lutherans, we should talk about the special revelation, that God had mercy upon this entrophic world, through His Son. Advent is coming and we will celebrate that historic event.