The Wilken Diagnostic…because it has to be mentioned

Took me a long time to look for this, and I needed it for my report on CCM. Here it is, from Pastor Todd Wilken of Issues Etc, the “Wilken Test”:

1. How often is Jesus mentioned? For his purposes, a simple tally will suffice.
2. Is Jesus the subject of the verbs? Is Jesus the one who acts, or are you?
3. What are the verbs? What has Jesus done and what is He doing?

My English prof is this Methodist, the type that loves hymns and does not dig the fluff. I’m printing this out for her so she can see where I’m coming from.

misGuidance Theatre #3: Gas is not a cleanser.

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted up an educational video for misGuidance Theatre so here is “More Dangerous Than Dynamite” from the Internet Archive. Geared towards Depression-era housewives, this film is produced by the California State Fire Marshall. Keep in mind that during this time, people made do with what they had and lived frugally. Whoever cleans clothes with gas today is asking for a Darwin Award.