New Distro Installed

I recently got a new lappy, an ASUS K50IJ, as my HP went busted after 3 years of service. Did not go for the eeePC or any small netbooks as I preferred a larger laptop. I’ve upgraded Vista to Windows 7 RC and it worked great. But it took me a while to install the right Linux distribution.

Ubuntu Jaunty did not recognize my sound card nor my wireless card. Fedora 11 balked at installation. MEPIS (another Debian-related distro) had the same trouble as Ubuntu, and Crunchbang (an Ubuntu-based distro) failed to load. I finally decided to install Sabayon 4.1, which is Gentoo-based. I got online easily, but needed to fix up the ALSA driver. I rather deal with the sound not working than the wireless not working. I’ve been typing “equo” at the terminal and so far, no problems compiling.

It was a pity that I cannot get Ubuntu running on my new lappy as it’s a user-friendly Linux flavor and the blokes at Indiana Ubuntu LoCo are great guys. The Prediger liked the dark-colored theme Sabayon installed by default. It was different from the brown palettes Ubuntu offered.