Thank you, Saks! Le Metier de Beaute’s Face Kit

Some time ago, Saks Fifth Avenue had a promo for their new loyalty programme. The first 500 people who ordered online and used their card would receive a $100 credit. At the same time, I hit my first Weight Watchers milestone. That was a great excuse to reward myself, so I ordered a Burberry lipstick in Military Red.

So imagine my happiness when about 2 weeks ago, I got the $100 credit. I knew what I wanted to get next, so I got Le Métier de Beauté’s ‘Flawless Face’ Kaleidoscope Face Kit, with a package of Shiseido’s facial cotton to round out my order.

When I was assigned to visit stores in Muncie and Anderson, sometimes I would drive an extra half-hour or so to Indy and visit Saks. It was one of those visits in December when I was introduced to the face kit and the lady who helped me applied this to my face. I was very impressed and when I return to Fort Wayne and arrived home, the first thing Preggie did was he complimented me on how I look. That was when I said that when my work hours increase with the paint season, I will save and scrimp to get that kit, even if I have to eat TV dinners. When I receive the $100 credit, I was excited and I knew what I wanted. I still eat Smart Ones microwave dinners, though.

This kaleidoscope has this stacking system that makes getting the right look easy. You get a bronzer, a blush, a highlighter, and a finishing powder. The shades are ‘universal’ and suitable for woman of all tones. I can make my face into an elegant canvas just with that kit. On the go? Just pack the compact in your purse or overnight bag. (I did hear that a make up artist encountered a fashion emergency at a fashion show in Boston, and he whipped out that compact and worked on the models’ faces, with positive results.) The price for this is $95.00. Yes, the price is steep. I was blessed to get this for free. But I will say that it is a kit worth saving your hard-earned money.

This week, I will bring it to the local Sephora counter and have the ladies teach me how to use these products. I think I can do the blush, but I forgot how to apply bronzer and highlighter.

Once again, thank you Saks for that promotion. I am excited to get what I wanted and will be using the kit. And I am looking forward to the day I can visit Indy again so I can visit your beauty section.