Nope, not gonna.

This is the first time that I have to issue a trigger alert, all because of MAKEUP, of all things. So if you are a survivor of violence, this post will reference and link unsavory pictures.

Temptalia had a great article on the NARS x Guy Bourdin collection. Never heard of Bourdin (link NSFW) until someone announced the collection.

I thought before researching Bourdin that the collection is going to be neat and I want to haul various products. But after looking at violent imagery of dead beautiful women in crime scenes, my interest plummeted. I know art can be brutal (and if you know me, I reject Kinkade-like bowdlerisation) and can be used for public action. However, I knew women who are survivors and I feel that I would wound them if I purchase that collection. So I’m skipping it on principle.

I do not know what Francois Nars was thinking when he felt inspired to make that collection. I am well aware of the Pursuit of Edginess, the effort to be avant garde and shocking in order to make a name for oneself. I found this attempt as Trying Too Much.