My Prayer Beads. Let me show you them.

In the Weep No More guide, I suggested using a small cross or a set of prayer beads for meditation during episodes of mental pain. You are probably thinking, are you flirting with Rome with that suggestion? Far from it! Prayer beads have been an aid to Christians for centuries, and even Lutherans during the Reformation period used them for meditation.

There is a group of High Church Lutherans that are using beads for meditation, and I happen to be one of them. My beads are a Catholic Easter-themed rosary that I found appropriate for my convictions. Instead of a Marian center, it has Jesus emerging from the tomb. I used to have a smaller set, but they melted in the dryer when I left them in my pants. This rosary is from Italy and I really like the decor.

So, what do I do with them? I use them at night before I sleep. I would do the Creed, the Our Father, and the Glory Be. The one difference I have is due to what the Book of Concord had to say about prayers to the saints. Instead of using the Hail Mary, I use the Jesus Prayer. During the day, I carry them in a pouch tucked in my purse. Peace of mind, you know. Saying these prayers gave me peace and reassurance that God has shown mercy to me. I do not believe in magickal incantations nor I do not believe what the Roman Catholic Church promised to its adherents when they pray the rosary.

There are prayer beads available for purchase from Lutheran Beads of Minnesota. You can visit the Chemnitz Fraternity on ways to use them.

If you decide to get a Catholic Rosary, there are some available that do not have a Marian or saint-themed center. The first communion ones usually have a chalice. If you are a gentleman or a chick with badassery to her name, Rugged Rosaries have a tough paracord version.