Breeders’ Spoon

It was a hectic few weeks with the moving and work and the Breeders’ Cup. I am quite subdued and my mood is a bit bummed.

Visited Churchill Downs racetrack yesterday for the racing club and left early after Rare Form’s race. Went directly home and slept after that. I tend to get very tired after visiting the racetrack. You would be surprised how many spoons a visit to a racetrack would cost.

I want to welcome my fellow Autistic bloggers to my blog. Thank you for reading my post.

I need to get back on a good routine that would help me cope and feel good in my mind. I am starting to establish this routine and it involves time organisation. Sunday is my day off so I have time for church, online bill pay, and grocery shopping. Did visit the LCMS congregation nearest me, just a half mile away. Not High Church. At least they used the common cup. Paid my rent and utilities.

And after my lunch, it is time to go grocery shopping. I also do need to buy boots for the weather. Damp feet sucks.