On a Floating Raft, Leading to Nowhere?

The fecal matter hit the oscillating blade. Soon after my post on FB, I got notes and messages from both Confessionals and Orthodox converts from Lutheranism.

I first have to ask myself: what are the various things going on in the Missouri Synod that made me uneasy? After that, what are the various things going on in Orthodoxy that makes me uneasy?

The first thing I was uneasy about was the lack of consistency of liturgical praxis. I can visit several LCMS parishes and none would be the same. If I want a concert, I’d attend a real concert at the Yum! Center, not that hippy-dippy CoWo shit I hear in the sanctuary. If there is fluffy music in a service, I walk out. I refuse to take the Sacrament from those bozos. Along with inconsistent liturgy is inconsistent theology. I take altar fellowship further than the Synod prescribes. There are several LCMS parishes that I will not step into for Communion. We disagree. That means no go.

The second thing is that I am still healing out from what happened to me 11 years ago. Why would I want to stand with a church body that not only rejected me but also several Confessional pastors? And to excuse spiritual abuse with “well, the Church is full of sinners” does NOT fly.

Where do I go? Not to the ELCA. Not to WELS or ELS– no church in my area or in a 20 mile radius.

I cannot stay where I do not belong.

So I figure I should go where some of my classmates went.

But, Orthodoxy too is a strange land. When I die, what would happen to my soul? Will God recognise me as His own? On what grounds would He let me in Paradise? Is the onus of salvation ultimately on me? I know the saints pray for me. But is kissing an icon a bit too much?

I cannot be the Lone Ranger when it comes to the Church. It is nonsense to say I can meet God at a golf course or in the woods or Churchill Downs but not at the Church. But I feel I cannot return to the Synod.

I give myself one year whether to move into Orthodoxy or return back to Lutheranism. I hope for a resolution.