Two feet on dry Wittenberg ground

My best friend and I were talking on the phone about a week ago. I ran out of my Rexulti and it was available for pickup the next day. So I felt very off. I told her that I was leaving the Lutheran Church for Orthodoxy.

“You have been a voice for the Lutheran faith for years. Why?”

“I was sick of the BS I went through during exile and I wanted a clean break in my new life. However, it was not as easy as it sounds.”

I told her about Free Will and the veneration of the saints. I told her about how I felt uneasy when I heard of the unofficial “Toll House” allegory/theory/speculation. I mean, you throw yourself at the mercy of God, and ask Jesus to be with you as He is our advocate. Why we are still judged for things that we already repented and were forgiven on the Cross?

She said, “You are in Kentucky– you already have a clean break. And although you suffered, I would have not met you if this did not happen. You would have not found your life-work with horse racing. Unanswered prayers are just as important as answered prayer.”

“I would have not met Silver Charm and the Derby horses. I would not be working at Churchill Downs. And I would have been burnt out just like my husband and my classmates. I told you about those who got hurt by congregations and District bureaucracy.”

“Stay where you are. Don’t leave because of one professor. Being Lutheran is who you are. Tomorrow, get your medicine and enjoy your work.”

And so, I end my formal inquiry and remain Confessional. I will have to use Uber to the small church near the Outer Loop monthly. I will mail back a book I borrowed from the Orthodox church library, a book by Metropolitan Kallistos Ware.