When I Die by Lush

A widow like me tend to think of her husband often, and I dreamt I saw him again, in his prime. Alas, it’s only a dream. He looked much better in his clerical collar and his mind was sharp like a tack. It was a far cry from his last months. He hugged me and made the sign of the Cross on my forehead. We talked, then the dream switched to something else.

I have been volunteering at the Kentucky Derby Museum and they too had to say goodbye to someone close to them. I passed this song along to them and most likely they would play that at their next meeting this Saturday.

Consider the ethereal vocals, the composition, and the lyrics, especially the lyrics:

Healthy in my dreams
Is what you are, is what is seems
What does it all mean?
You’re only hiding behind a screen
Curse the English day
For what it forces us to say
Banish all the pain
‘Cause when I die, die
I’ll see you again.