A New Opportunity

Shortly after, I went to church and was helping the rector set up.  He said to me whilst setting up: “You know, we can make you a deaconess.”

My heart skipped a beat.  “How?”

The bishop can review my transcripts and I can have an internship, the rector explained.

In my mind, I heard the Fail Horns playing in reverse.  What? I can be a deaconess?  After all what happened to me?

In about 10ish weeks, I will be interviewed by the diocesan bishop and he would put me on a programme.  If it goes well, I would be inducted into the order.

I am very excited as this means the dark night of the soul is ending, or has ended.  To have the dream restored and I can keep my job with my company.  It cannot be coincidence that this happened after I forgave the professors who inflicted the great psychic harm.  (Post hoc fallacy?)

I only have this to say: please pray for me.