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Attire Upgrade

The past few weeks, I had to make a few changes to everyday attire. I have mentioned in the Weep No More guide that due to executive function, I stick to wearing horse racing themed t-shirts and black pants. Got word from HR about acceptable things to wear and while I can continue to wear black pants (just not sweatpants), it is not advised to wear t-shirts everyday.

It sounded like a challenge, to change over to more business-like attire. I miss wearing my Kentucky shirts to work. Wearing t-shirts reminded me of Roy from The IT Crowd and the thousands of Open Source geeks who live informally in work settings. I figured that since I am working in the Hub– an enclosed setting apart from the corporate portion of my company, a Secretariat shirt was safe. Nope.

I looked at my closet and saw that I already have horse racing polo shirts, from Belmont and Preakness. That’s copacetic. However, I felt much better with the jersey material. I found three jersey cloth dresses and two pair of leggings. That was when I had an idea.

A jersey dress costs less than 15 bux, even less. I can wear patterned leggings underneath. What if I get several identical dresses and patterned leggings online? My jersey dress came from Old Navy, so it was the first place to visit. I found that they had jersey dresses on sale, plus additional savings. I bought five black dresses for $7.50 each. I can vary the outfit. I can dress it up with a scarf or a necklace. It so happens that I own a few horse racing themed scarves. That would fulfill my requirement of personal style.

As for leggings, I belonged to a FB group of misfit LuLaRoe reps who have issues with the business and its model. Some of the members are leaving the multi-level marketing scheme and hold GOOB (going out of business) sales in other groups. So, I got a tip from a member about a GOOB forum that sells these leggings at a discount. You see, When you join LuLaRoe, you pay a chunk of money and you get bulk leggings and shirts to sell. You never know what designs you gonna get. Some designs are “unicorns”-rare, very nice. Others looked like a bunch of Doritos fall out on the fabric. Often, reps get mostly common designs with some “Doritos” thrown in. Exiting this MLM is a hassle as the rep would have to sell whatever she has in her inventory. I bought five grab-bag leggings for 40 bux including shipping. I might have a Dorito or two in the mix, but I don’t mind.

There. I have complied a consistent wardrobe that is compatible with my workplace. It’s also in line with this Geek Feminism article on dressing properly for work.

Last night, I culled out most t-shirts and the sweatpants. They will go to Goodwill. Today, I should receive the parcels.