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Selections for Kentucky Downs, 13 Sep

Today is the last day of the meet, and I do have picks for today. I’m working from races 3-10 as I am participating in a free tournament and the past performances cover these races.

Remember that you subtract the KTDF money from the purse money so we can see a more accurate level.

3) Hembree will be over bet. Try Bandar or Sharm El Sheikh.

4) Goodprofit has a first-time Beyer of 52. I think a shortening will suit her.

5) Perfect Pitch has a first-time 71 Beyer at Saratoga. He looks poised to get his diploma.

6) Runninwiththewind will benefit from the shortened distance, and she’s familiar with the track.

7) I’m trying Freedom Passage. Her Beyer will improve.

8) Bantu works great with Rocco, and he ran with Snapper Sinclair at the course. But I have a feeling that Get Western would do something interesting as the longshot.

9) Either Coco Channel or Res Ipsa would be value plays. They did well at the course.

10) You can either try Altito, who is good with Leparoux, or you can go full tilt with a steaming cup of Cofveve, who looks like he can go the distance as he went through mud very well. If you are sensible, go with the first. If you are at the track and down to the last two bucks– eff it, bet Cofveve for the lulz.