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Spa Night at the LinuxFest!

First: I want to welcome those who I met from the Family Scholar House gala last night. It was a pleasure meeting you all, and I hope you visit this page for my favorite music, horse racing picks and spiritual progress. No guarantee you will win something, though. But you get to read about those who I love and hold in gratitude for helping me.

Next month, I’ll be at the Ohio LinuxFest in Columbus and my friend Tammy from the Churchill Downs Racing Club will attend with me. Since 2007, I have been volunteering with them in various capacities. One year, I participated in the Noseworthy geek wedding by offering a prayer in the ceremony. I can remember Preggie in the crowd watching me take part in the ceremony. He was very proud of me. Preggie would say to me that he felt the love and respect given to me by the organisers. Their love and support sustained me during the wilderness period. So for me, attending OLF is a homecoming.

Beth Lynn (the chair) called me a few days ago and proposed that we should have a spa night for those who want to be pampered before the conference. It will be open to any human who wants to have their face feelin’ fresh and clean. Being inspired by Lush Cosmetics, we will offer DIY freshly made masks, like these recipes. In a heart beat, I said yes. I will seek out vegan versions for those who are unable to use honey-based masks. I’m looking at DIY foot scrubs as well. Tammy and I will procure the products. I already have two bags of oats. Don’t know if I want to procure Kentucky-based honey or Ohio-based honey. I remember Preggie telling me that local honey is best as eating it can help you build immunity to allergens in the area. Since I have a 20-dollar off 50 coupon from Lucky’s Market, I will get the essential oils and local honey from there.

After the conference, I’ll take Tammy to brunch at the Guild House and head out home. I would have taken her to Barley’s, but last time I was there, I felt odd as it was where Preggie and I used to eat there whenever we attend together.

The schedule is being ironed out and there are some events I want to attend. I am expecting a good turnout and a great time.