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Officially an Anglican

As of 11 Nov 2018, I officially become an Anglican and broke ties with the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod. It was a needful thing to do, and I feel very very glad about this. My mental health has improved over these 4 months and I do not want to return to an unwelcoming place that inflicted so much pain over these years. I have no ill will towards my friends within Synod; in fact, I wish them the very best and I tell them that I love them and that I will always be for them.

One of Preggie’s fieldworkers became an Orthodox priest and wrote an article on his journey. And the guys at Logia considered Fr Genig’s move as a “renunciation of a confession.” And both sides call for each other to come (back) home to their confession. I will not entreat anyone to jump ship to any confession. If you serve best as a Lutheran, remain with Wittenberg. If you serve best with the Orthodox, remain there. Ultimately, the Gospel shines differently yet brightly and together we are the Una Sancta!

Now, my recap of last week:

I took a day off to have lunch at Millionaire’s Row and to see Rare Form race. The Derby Museum invited their volunteers for a day at the races. They also sponsored a race in which some of us get to be in the winner’s circle. I managed to get a spot in the circle.

Julie Henry, the volunteer co-ordinator, was talking with an aide of another Autistic volunteer. I introduced myself to the aide and told her: “I pity Julie for putting up with my shenanigans…and I pity her more as I will ask her if she could be my confirmation sponsor.” Julie was thrilled and hugged me, accepting the honor.

After the race and the pictures, I told the group that I will remain with the Churchill Downs Racing Club to see my horse compete. So I was at the paddock with my fellow Club members and Rare Form was acting studdish and even kicked a horse… who happened to be the favorite. The horse got scratched as he had a bleeding wound.

Rare Form must be in high energy, as he won his maiden and I got to be in another winner’s circle picture.

Two days later, it was another day off as I get to meet the bishop of the diocese. The rector and the bishop picked me up from the bus stop and we chatted all the way. It was a great meeting, and then the congregation had a potluck. You’d never believe how the fried chicken from ValuMarket was hot and delicious.

That night I dreamt that I was being tested by catechism questions and I saw the rector telling me that I was not qualified. I woke up, all a dream. Took a hot shower, drank a Diet Coke, and listened to music.

Tammy picked me up at 9am, and she gave me an old Bible from 1928. Authorised Version, of course, and had a nice concordance. We arrived at the church and got ready for Bible study. The Bishop came in and I kissed his hand. (I’m old school like that.) He said: “Actually, you kiss the ring.” To which I replied: “As long you don’t keep the ring in your back pocket.” Everyone laughed uproariously.

After the study, we had a small crowd. Amy brought cake from a nice bakery in Indiana. Julie and her husband hugged me. We all sat down and the service started. And here is the video of the rite:

Image description: Two women kneeling before an Anglican bishop in a confirmation rite.

Image description: The back view of the rite.

Image description: Amy’s cake in white frosting with a green cross and orange writing: “Receive the Holy Spirit”.

Image description: A signed certificate of confirmation for Carolina Rutz.

Image description: A group picture of the new members of St Stephen Anglican Church.

After the service, Tammy took me home and I plotzed. Slept for several hours, had a pizza. Went back to bed. And that was my week.

I’ve hung the certificate underneath Silver Charm’s Kentucky Derby finish photo. I figure that it took a Kentucky Derby horse to direct me to a better and saner point in my life, might as well post this up next to his pic.