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Carol Rutz in front of jockey statues at Keeneland.  Carol is showing off her arm tattoo, a lily with the inscription,

I graduated with an AAS from Ivy Tech Community College in 2009, majored in Computer Information Systems. Prior to that, I got a BA in History/Political Science at Concordia University-Irvine, and an MA in Historical Theology from Concordia Theological Seminary. In addition, I got my CompTIA certification for Network+ and A+ as well as its Security+ certification, and looking forward to be certified in Linux+. I have spent 5+ years in merchandising and events. In the past, I’ve have promoted Glidden paint for Walmart in northeast Indiana, worked with various sporting goods brands, and gave out food samples at Kroger. Right now, I am working with the folks at the Winner’s Circle off-track betting facility as a programme seller and resident handicapper in New Haven. I won’t vent about my job, as I’ve seen people post stupid damaging things on social media. Besides, the people are decent and the food is great. The views expressed on CarolRutz.com are strictly my own views and not those of my past and present employers and institutions.

I regularly play the horses, mainly thoroughbred races. I prefer watching simulcasts from the NYRA racetracks and Tampa Bay Downs. I stink at harness racing. Don’t ask me to handicap horses from Northfield or Hoosier Park! I have been handicapping regularly since January 2016, but I have been a fan of horse racing since 1985. Everyday, I learn something new, and I want to share what I have learned to interested players. I have no secret formula for successful playing, but I do expect those learning to invest weeks in learning how to read the Daily Racing Forms, recognising pedigree, and implementing money management. My favorite horse is Mind Your Biscuits.

My present laptop has Windows 10. Still trying to install a compatible Linux distro for it. I also use Samsung’s Galaxy Tab A 8.0. I prefer Android as I can customise and most of my favorite apps are on Android. I am affiliated with the Ohio LinuxFest organisation as a volunteer.

I rather watch Doctor Who than anything else. Unfortunately, the PBS station in my area does not carry it…but that’s why there’s Youtube and BBC America. I do lean heavily towards the classics, my fave Doctors are Tom Baker and Jon Pertwee. I also love cartoons like Tom and Jerry and those produced by Tex Avery– but I do enjoy anime. Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion is my fave anime. And I am a sucker for the Onegai My Melody series and Shinchan.

The rest of my time is spent surfing the web and listening to 80s Synthpop, early Gothic and British New Wave. A sampling of what I listen to: Bow Wow Wow, Slow Children, Daft Punk, Depeche Mode, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Secret Chiefs 3, Adult.,Fad Gadget, Felix Da Housecat, and the early synth works of Kitaro.

I am a Missouri Synod Lutheran who was inducted officially 26 April 1998 and glad that I am. I consider myself as a Confessional Lutheran who holds a “quia” (unconditional and unqualified) subscription to our Confessions and I value the Liturgy and Sacraments highly. The historic and Scriptural truths are beyond faddish popular culture but it reaches us to all. Lutheranism acknowledges the presence of an eternal God Who interacts in the finite space-time continuum, becomes Man, gave Himself His all via the Cross, and redeems us so we can share eternity with Him. I’m High Church but I wear Low Church-style outfits consisting of a Kentucky-themed or horse racing t-shirt and black sweatpants. Why yes, a Preakness shirt is perfectly fine to wear at the communion rail.

I am openly Autistic. Diagnosed at 3/4 years, mainstreamed in elementary school, and learned to adapt and accept myself. I am not ashamed of it, and the more I am open, the better the opportunities for me and other fellows on the Spectrum.

For 20 years, I’ve been an Amateur Radio operator, and my call sign is KF6FNS. I hold the Extra Class license ever since the FCC removed the 20 wpm Morse Code requirement. (At the time, I had my Advanced ticket with 13 wpm and passed the Extra written element. And I was ready to take the code exam when the FCC made its announcement.) Most of the time, I’m listening on the 2 meter band. It was my interest in Amateur Radio that landed me in Concordia-Irvine and thus set off events leading me to my conversion to Lutheranism.

Finally, I’ve been married to the Rev Wayne Rutz since 2003. (Yes, I’m really a pastor’s wife– but don’t let that fool you!) Some of his nicknames I used in reference online are “Preggie,” “The Prediger” and “Mr Theologian.” Most of the time, it’s Preggie. Preggie is 37+ years older than me, which means I’m in an age-gap/May-December marriage. He has been my biggest support and blessing.

This page uses mostly British spelling conventions. The date format is DAY-MONTH-YEAR.

I thank you for stopping by at my page and encourage you to come back often.

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  1. Wayne and Carol, I’ve been trying to communicate with you since your first call. Unfortunately, you didn’t give us an area code, that, by calling your district office, I have found was changed. Anyway, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! If you were in the area over Christmas, we were in town, rather than up in Lodi with Conni’s folks because Conni was sick. All is well now, however!



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