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Amateur Radio Purity Test

Based on the infamous Purity Test, this is always a work in progress, any suggestions for appropriate questions can be submitted. I especially want input from international hams, so it won’t be America-centric. Thanks!

Check all boxes for which your answer is “yes”.
The “submit” button is at the bottom.

  1. Have you ever have an Amateur Radio License?
  2. Is it valid?
  3. Did you pass a code test?
  4. Are you still capable of doing Morse Code? (FISTS can help.)
  5. Did you start out at the higher classes instead of the entry level?
  6. …or at Novice? (For International Hams, did you enter the hobby via an obsolete license class before any restructuring by your national board of communications?)
  7. …and received an “old school” call sign prefix? (For example, American call signs today start with “K” or “N”. A long time ago, call signs start with “W”.)
  8. Do you still remember any test material?
  9. Have you ever used the “PIE chart” for Ohm’s Law?
  10. Have you ever sought the help of an Elmer/Elmira?
  11. Have you ever assembled an oscillator for code or some other doohickey (Think Arduino, HeathKits, or breadboard circuits)?
  12. …and it actually worked?
  13. Have you ever built an antenna?
  14. Have you climbed up a tower?
  15. …in the last month?
  16. …in the last week?
  17. …when you didn’t have to?
  18. Have you ever Elmered/mentored someone else?
  19. Have you ever done your studying on a Friday/weekend night?
  20. Have you ever pulled an all-nighter the night before the exam?
  21. Have you ever listened to code tapes?
  22. …while doing chores?
  23. …in your sleep?
  24. Have you made your first contact on a repeater?
  25. Have you ever had an argument with a cranky OM on it?
  26. Did you win? (Yeah, right!)
  27. Has a fellow ham ever referred to you as more knowledgeable?
  28. Did you take an element merely for the sake of “seeing if you would pass”?
  29. …Did you pass?
  30. Do you own a HT?
  31. …A Morse Code key(er)?
  32. …a j-pole or any small/homebrew antenna?
  33. …a belt and holster for the HT?
  34. …A TNC or any digital radio doohickey? (Laptops with software count.)
  35. …A HF rig?
  36. …SWR meter?
  37. …oscilloscope?
  38. …a vacuum tube?
  39. …any satellite paraphernalia?
  40. …microwave gear?
  41. Do you have a “junk box”?
  42. …with projects you have not finished in the last six months?
  43. …that makes fellow hams come to you for a much-needed part?
  44. Does your operating area has papers on the floor?
  45. …ham magazines more than 5 years old?
  46. …old moldy food and/or unwashed coffee mugs by the transmitter?
  47. Check here if you ever slept in the operating area.
  48. Did you ever entered any contest?
  49. …and won something?
  50. Did your voice get hoarse after a contest/Field Day/DXpedition?
  51. Did you participate in Field Day (or equivalent)? (Hardcore contests like CQ WW DX does count.)
  52. …and helped yourself too many to the food there?
  53. …and pulled an all-nighter?
  54. …cursed yourself the next day for being so tired and bloated, but cannot wait for next year?
  55. Have you worked DX?
  56. …while being part of the DXpedition? (i.e. You *are* Heard Island.)
  57. Have you got any operating awards (DXCC, WAS, CQ WAZ, IOTA)?
  58. Have you made it to the Honor Roll?
  59. Does your name appeared in CQ for being a winner?
  60. Also, Did you have your pic of the station published?
  61. Do you belong to ARRL, RSGB or any national organisation for ham radio?
  62. Are you a Life Member of said organisation (Add one point if Charter Member)?
  63. Do you hold any official positions in the organisation?
  64. Do you belong to the QCWA (or planning to be in it if you are a “Young Squirt”)?
  65. …any pro- or con- Morse Code group?
  66. …Any other special interest group?
  67. …a Volunteer Examiner group?
  68. …a local Amateur Radio club or an emergency group?
  69. Mark this box if you hold any office in your local Radio Club.
  70. Do you have subscriptions to QST?
  71. …CQ?
  72. …or have back issues of 73? (Never Say Die!!!)
  73. …WorldRadio?
  74. …QEX?
  75. Do you ever listen to any ham radio podcasts, broadcasts, or subscribe to a radio related forum?
  76. Do you own any badges with your callsign on it?
  77. Any clothing with a Ham Radio reference on it?
  78. Any sign with your callsign on it?
  79. Have you ever referred to anyone by callsign?
  80. …while in an non-ham setting (In a classroom: “As Barry Goldwater K7UGA said in his book The Conscience of a Conservative…”)?
  81. Does your family and non-ham friends call you by your callsign?
  82. Did your significant other shout/moan your callsign during “whoopee time”?
  83. Do you skip family events for hamfests, conventions, etc.?
  84. Did you ever spend your money for ham gear when that said money is meant for groceries/bills/dentist appointments?
  85. Does your neighbor ever gets ticked off over your tower/RFI/noise situation?
  86. Have you ever gone to a convention?
  87. …and geeked out when you met the ham celebs?
  88. …and took a picture of that moment for posterity?
  89. …and spent some money on equipment?
  90. …that you really did not need as it is obsolete junk?
  91. Did you win any door prizes at the convention?
  92. Do you consider junk food/pastries/coffee/cigarettes as the “Breakfast of Champions”?
  93. Does the people at any radio store know you by name?
  94. Do you know what “73” meant?
  95. …”33″?
  96. …”88″? (Clue: It’s not “Heil Hitler!”)
  97. …”PSK31″?
  98. …”RST IS 599″?
  99. …any “Q” code (QST, QRL, etc)?
  100. Did you employ any ham jargon in a non-ham setting?
  101. Have you ever stayed out past 1:00am with other hams after a club meeting?
  102. …on a work/school night?
  103. …on your anniversary night? (Couch City for you!)
  104. Is your dashboard/front seat/kick panel cluttered with coax cable or meters or (multiple) mobile transceivers?
  105. Does your car/truck/bicycle look like a porcupine?
  106. …but you keep on adding more?
  107. …to the detriment of your spouse?
  108. Have you been ridiculed as a Whacker (and rightly so because you put up “emergency communications” stickers or lighting on your car)? (The guys at Hamsexy will help you determine if you are a Whacker with delusions of grandeur.)
  109. Do you take your HT inside the restaurant/shopping center/place of worship with you?
  110. …turned on in case “one of the guys” calls? (Thanks to Rich Lobato KF4DMC for contributing questions 101-107,109)
  111. When looking for a college, do you check if there is a ham radio club before looking at everything else?
  112. Do you refer to a bottle of beer as a “cold 807”, although you have not been in contact with a vacuum tube?
  113. Do you go to the movies or watch a TV show solely for some Ham Radio/Morse Code references? Good examples include Contact, Phenomenon, Frequency and Last Man Standing.
  114. …and you notice the bloopers (Hey! That’s a receiver, not a transmitter!)
  115. …and you got thrown out because of the raucus you’ve made?
  116. Do you intentionally void warranties?
  117. Did you modded your radio so that you can transmit where you shouldn’t?
  118. …an amplifier?
  119. Did you repair while the thing is plugged to a power source? (Watch it, Sparky!)
  120. Did you ever contributed to Open Source software for Ham Radio usage?
  121. Did you ever operate when your SWR is WAY MORE than 2:1?
  122. Did you ever operate when your station is not properly grounded?
  123. Do you have oodles of tools so you can make a kludge or an elegant solution? (Leatherman, Torx screwdrivers, soldering iron)
  124. Have you suffered an injury due to Ham Radio? (RF burns, falling off the tower, etc)
  125. Have you took this test more than once?

Smashing good job OM!

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