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Blog Tinkering, plus Rename

I want to freshen up my blog, and write more articles on fitting in my new surroundings. Thus, the Annexe now has a new title: An Aspie in Kentukia. “Kentukia” is both a neo-Latin and Esperanto word for Kentucky. And I am more comfortable being Autistic in my new land.

I have so much to share, like how I self-disclose my disability/neurodivergent mind to the workers at my job. Maybe it will help others in the professional world who are starting out in the workforce.

I will try to add more creative elements to the blog to make it more interesting to the eye. There is a font from one of the albums of the British New Wave band The Stranglers. If I find that font that would be very cool.

Photo Album Feature

I just added a photo album to my website and changed the design of my index page. I finally figured out how to get into my webpage and add more stuff.

You may find my photo album at

The first set of pics features my recent trip to Kentucky from a little over than a week ago. As mentioned, the cure for cowbell is more cowbell. I have visited the Lexington area and the Keeneland race track with my best friend Lindsay. We met various Derby winners, had a VIP tour in one of the farms, and attended the Toyota Blue Grass Stakes. I will need to add the captions.

New Link Category: Horse Racing

Since Preggie got sick, I was at the Winner’s Circle off track betting, eating their pretzel bites and betting on horses. Liked the environment so much, I got a job there when Hoosier Park changed the format of the OTB site to include the Voodoo BBQ restaurant.

But the story of me and horse racing did not begin there. It actually began in 1985, the year when Spend A Buck won the Kentucky Derby.

In California, Santa Anita Park and Los Alamitos play their commercials regularly. My dad used to work at an Italian restaurant where Joe the boss has a penchant for horses and the Rat Pack. I thought gambling on horses was cool. AT SIX YEARS OF AGE. I would read the green sheets in the Sports pages of the newspaper. One year, Joe asked me what I thought of a certain race. I said that Brave Raj would win. Sure enough, he won and I got 20 bux. :D

Other concerns pressed on my mind over the years. And add the Evangelical/Pentecostal dictum to avoid gambling, and then college studies. Got married, and then focused on working.

Then the Brewpub opened. I wanted to visit, but I did not know how Confessional Lutherans would react to me going there. That changed when I’ve heard of American Pharoah and his Triple Crown bid. I’ve spent my breaks reading on the right trifecta box. Carpe Diem and Frosted? Maybe.

Got word of an undercard race the day of Belmont and I’ve heard that Big Blue Kitten and Sleeper will do well. So, after work, I stopped at the Brewpub and used their kiosks. I bought a program for 3 bux and studied it a bit and I did an exacta for Big Blue Kitten and Sleeper. I also did a trifecta for Materiality and Madefromlucky with American Pharoah, plus an exacta for AP and Frosted. Picked up Preggie, went back and found out I won the undercard. WOW!

Visited for food regularly only after that, but it changed when Preggie went to Parkview. I would watch Delta Downs or Charles Town while thinking of how would Preggie would live, with his health problems. Jonah would make me a cocktail, I get pretzel bites, and relax. Several of the staff would ask about Preggie’s health. I did not want to bother cooking big meals at home. Just give me a Diet and a burger, please.

My work as a sample lady was great. However, it was a far commute. When I have heard that Winner’s Circle was hiring, I applied and went to the job fair for an interview. I was stoked when Human Resources extended a job offer on the spot. And from that point on, I decided to reimmerse myself into horse racing, just like I was a kid. I’m still learning, and I am just learning how to read the workout sessions– 12 seconds per furlong is decent. I stick to two main tracks, Gulfstream and the New York Racing Association circuit (Aqueduct, Belmont, and Saratoga). My favorite jockey is Javier Castellano.

My ability has improved. No, not gonna enter a handicapping contest, I fear I’d pick all horses that would go into last place. But I would look at various sources including the Daily Racing Form and make some reasonable guess. My bosses would call me to ask me what would be a good horse for some stakes in the future. I thought I would stink at the Preakness, nearly avoiding wagering altogether as it was a muddy mess. BUT, I received various information I cobbled up and used them to make the guesses. I even had weird Preakness dreams. NOT supernatural woo woo, but the re-organising of information in my brain as I rested. (Listen, guys. I believe in Sola Scriptura. Dreams, no matter how clarifying, can NOT replace Scripture as the SOURCE of enlightenment and salvation– even if said dream “reveals” the winners of the Preakness, okay?) This was the gist of the information: 1) Cherry Wine won his maiden race in the mud. Chances are, he will excel in the muck. 2) Exaggerator is a mudder as well. Nyquist has not tried running in mud at that time. 3) Stradivari is a threat. So I would follow these contenders and I made a trifecta box and a superfecta. Showed these observations to the bosses. Gave the usual disclaimer. They were foolish to take my advice and they were amazed at the results.

My workplace wanted me to improve in this craft. I am not at liberty to discuss specific plans until things get official, but I will say that the bosses would like to see me to become a handicapping expert so I can teach new gamers how to wager with confidence. When things go through, I’ll announce it on Facebook and on this site.

“All I want is for the illusion of competency to pass over me once a day.” –Nancy Gabalac.

In the meanwhile, I will post some stuff, some guesses that may or may not be crappy. I am excited that I’m doing something that I did as a child, and maybe I would get paid for that. Keep your eyes peeled for Belmont thoughts!


The damn WordPress is still broken and I am typing this from an iPad app. I’m testing out the app so I can at least post something. After work, I found this for sale- Hunger Games mystery boxen filled with little collectable figurines. If this post works, I’m going to elaborate.

My Word Press is brokeded!

I’m trying to post stuff and 3.3.1 crapped out on me. Now it looked like a HTML page on crack. And I wanted to post up the My Glam bag. Do not know how long will this bug gets resolved, so I will have to back up everything and roll back WP.

Fresh Look, Upcoming Tinkering, and a New Boatanchor

I am thinking of making the blog the main part of I have not updated the page and it just looked dated. And I need to read up on HTML5. So you will see some new templates and pages at the blog end.

And there will be more content. However, I won’t be posting much on theology. When I open a Bible or the Book of Concord, I can still hear one prof’s voice telling me that my AS made me unsuitable for church work. So don’t count on me on that field. But you will see me trying new make up products, posting snarky pics, restarting misGuidance Theatre, and lots of FOSS stuff. It depends on my whim and mental outlook. And so far, I’m doing well.

I’m quite psyched over my new laptop, a Toshiba P755. Originally, I bought a HP Pavilion DV6 with an AMD Quad Core A8 on Black Friday. But the dang graphics card hiccupped, so I returned it. (Moral of story: Black Friday deals are a gamble) I have great luck with the Toshiba netbook and figured that I might as well make its replacement a Toshiba. The good thing about this P755 is that it has an Intel Core i7-2670QM CPU (Sandy Bridge), running at a respectable 2.20 GHz. It is perfect for heavy web surfing, and heavy document work. I might put Ubuntu or Mint later as a dual boot.

Pfffft, I give up.

I’m dismantled my blog and starting all over.  I still have a copy of my SQL database, though.

There will be more changes later on.  You might see some old stuff one of these days.

In the meantime, here is the theme from St Elmo’s Fire.  As a kid, I thought it was boring.  It still is, but I understand it’s appeal.  You graduate…and you are moving on with a mate, new job, and new life.   The music is a gem.