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Internet Limbo

After mostly unpacking my stuff, I realised I needed the Internet. I am typing this on my cell phone, which autocorrects my usual spelling and I had to return back and correct the autocorrect function. AT&T was not offered in my area, Google Fiber is installing right now, so I have to use Spectrum. In about an hour, I will pick up their installation kit. Will keep you posted.

Fresh Look, Upcoming Tinkering, and a New Boatanchor

I am thinking of making the blog the main part of I have not updated the page and it just looked dated. And I need to read up on HTML5. So you will see some new templates and pages at the blog end.

And there will be more content. However, I won’t be posting much on theology. When I open a Bible or the Book of Concord, I can still hear one prof’s voice telling me that my AS made me unsuitable for church work. So don’t count on me on that field. But you will see me trying new make up products, posting snarky pics, restarting misGuidance Theatre, and lots of FOSS stuff. It depends on my whim and mental outlook. And so far, I’m doing well.

I’m quite psyched over my new laptop, a Toshiba P755. Originally, I bought a HP Pavilion DV6 with an AMD Quad Core A8 on Black Friday. But the dang graphics card hiccupped, so I returned it. (Moral of story: Black Friday deals are a gamble) I have great luck with the Toshiba netbook and figured that I might as well make its replacement a Toshiba. The good thing about this P755 is that it has an Intel Core i7-2670QM CPU (Sandy Bridge), running at a respectable 2.20 GHz. It is perfect for heavy web surfing, and heavy document work. I might put Ubuntu or Mint later as a dual boot.

New Distro Installed

I recently got a new lappy, an ASUS K50IJ, as my HP went busted after 3 years of service. Did not go for the eeePC or any small netbooks as I preferred a larger laptop. I’ve upgraded Vista to Windows 7 RC and it worked great. But it took me a while to install the right Linux distribution.

Ubuntu Jaunty did not recognize my sound card nor my wireless card. Fedora 11 balked at installation. MEPIS (another Debian-related distro) had the same trouble as Ubuntu, and Crunchbang (an Ubuntu-based distro) failed to load. I finally decided to install Sabayon 4.1, which is Gentoo-based. I got online easily, but needed to fix up the ALSA driver. I rather deal with the sound not working than the wireless not working. I’ve been typing “equo” at the terminal and so far, no problems compiling.

It was a pity that I cannot get Ubuntu running on my new lappy as it’s a user-friendly Linux flavor and the blokes at Indiana Ubuntu LoCo are great guys. The Prediger liked the dark-colored theme Sabayon installed by default. It was different from the brown palettes Ubuntu offered.

Windows 7 RC Installation

Ever since I’ve installed Vista Business onto my lappy, the DVD-ROM drive does not work, even with removing some of the registry entries.   It was not a hardware defect: I can use the drive when I booted to Ubuntu 9.04.

The Prediger has given me a wedding anniversary gift: the Adobe Creative Suite 4 Web Premium Student Edition.  (If you have a student ID and presently are enrolled at a college that grants degrees, you can get a 80% discount off the price of CS4.  Add the 15% off coupon code I’ve found at Retail-Me-Not and I got free shipping!)  The problem was that it came in DVD form and I cannot download the CS4 from Adobe.  Plus, Adobe does not have a Linux format.

There was a solution that came at a fortunate time:  Microsoft has made Windows 7 Release Candidate available for free, with a option to buy after a year.  So I’ve downloaded the ISO while booting from Ubuntu, burned it and installed the RC.  Since installing erases the Master Boot Record so I cannot choose to boot up Ubuntu, I have to reinstall GRUB from a live Ubuntu CD.

The DVD drive is now working under Windows and I’m happy with that. I’m using the Basic theme instead of the Aero interface so the lappy won’t get overworked with the graphics. It’s smoother than Vista, that’s for sure. The only drawback is that I will have to purchase Windows 7 when the RC cripples use in March 2010.