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Photo Album Feature

I just added a photo album to my website and changed the design of my index page. I finally figured out how to get into my webpage and add more stuff.

You may find my photo album at

The first set of pics features my recent trip to Kentucky from a little over than a week ago. As mentioned, the cure for cowbell is more cowbell. I have visited the Lexington area and the Keeneland race track with my best friend Lindsay. We met various Derby winners, had a VIP tour in one of the farms, and attended the Toyota Blue Grass Stakes. I will need to add the captions.

Threee Geniuses

Tonight’s misGuidance Theatre presentation is so trippy, you don’t have to drop LSD to enjoy this.

When I was on summer breaks during college years, I’d watch public access channels for funsies. In the Los Angeles area, we have a crapload of epic weird and cool shows to watch, some of it very racy. One time, my brother would crank call an open line and would do a “Deez Nutz” joke.

But there was this show that was my favorite of all of them, The Threee Geniuses. A bunch of people would futz around with the public access studio equipment and used TV clips and obscure sound effects. I thought I was the only Missouri Synod Lutheran who watched this regularly. Nobody at Irvine or at the Sem have ever watched it, a shame as I want to hang out with such people. (And I want you to watch it with me so I won’t be the only Confessional who contemplates the death and rebirth and re-death of psychedelia.)

It’s Intermission Time!

This is not quite misGuidance Theatre material, but just the nifty thing to view. Some guy with the nom de Web “Swamp-Ass” has pieced together vintage drive-in intermission clips. Great stuff. I remember my family going to the Van Nuys Drive-In…four bucks per carload, and we’d get out the cooler and enjoy the movies. I did remember Splash and Beat Street as some of the films that we watched.

Am awaiting further news with the Ohio Linuxfest guys, especially in regards to speakers. I know that one guy got the nod as he’s with the Fort Wayne LUG.

Fark’s Revolutionary Movie List

Went to Fark for my news fix, and saw a list of music selections inspired by the revolution. I figure: how about a list of movies? Thanks to various TFers (and in advance, the Liters), here is our list of movies inspired by the revolution. Farkers, if you want to your recommendations, just leave a comment.

1) V for Vendetta (Guy Fawkes lives!)
2) 1776 (A musical on the Declaration of Independence)
3) Fight Club
4) South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut
5) Persepolis (Tatsuma recommended this very much)
6) Arabian Nights
7) Lawrence of Arabia
8 ) Revolution
9) Red Badge of Courage
10) Glory
11) The Patriot
12) Braveheart
13) Henry V
14) Puccini’s Tosca
15) The Longest Day
16) Sands of Iwo Jima (just turn it off after the flag is raised)
17) The ORIGINAL Star Wars Trilogy (ANH, ESB, ROTJ)
18) Brazil
19) Battlestar Galactica (the series and TV movies)
20) Enemy at the Gate
21) Pump Up the Volume


Here is a nice collaboration by Stan Ridgway (Wall of Voodoo) and Stewart Copeland (the Police), from Coppola’s Rumblefish.

Don’t mess with the Austrian School!

The husband would watch the Saturday business segment on Fox News, and they would have the commentators recommend some stock based on their predictions. In these 2006-2007 segments from CNBC and Fox News, Peter Schiff predicted this current mess coming. Watch how the commentators snickered at his predictions and made dubious recommendations.

It’s no crystal ball speculation…it’s the Austrian school of economics.