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Degenerate Arts: Songbird Canvas Shoes

Introducing a new category: Degenerate Arts! If you want horse racing themed crafts, this is the place to get inspired! Show how much you are dedicated to the craft by making stuff to wear or show off!

My cheapo pair of canvas shoes I got at Macy’s were coming apart. So I figure: I’ll get some canvas shoes… maybe Converse like that Lucha Libre video or Vans.

Then I remember that there was an art store that sold blank canvas shoes and markers. Maybe I can customise a pair for myself. Maybe I can do a themed shoe so I can wear at work. Pharoah? The Preakness? Too much drawing. Maybe a Tapit-themed design featuring his blacktype progeny. But, my drawing is primitive– the Picts were better artists than I am.

That is when I thought of a quick and not-so-dirty solution: Iron-on transfer paper.

I thought of a simple design. One horse. Songbird. Her pic on one shoe, silks on the other. So I downloaded a few images and I printed them up on opaque dark fabric transfer paper. I thought I was quite successful.

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The most important part is to preserve the design and correct/hide the melted transfer at one section. I am going to get Mod Podge and seal the design.

Coming up next: Travers Day shirt design, featuring one of my picks!

Threee Geniuses

Tonight’s misGuidance Theatre presentation is so trippy, you don’t have to drop LSD to enjoy this.

When I was on summer breaks during college years, I’d watch public access channels for funsies. In the Los Angeles area, we have a crapload of epic weird and cool shows to watch, some of it very racy. One time, my brother would crank call an open line and would do a “Deez Nutz” joke.

But there was this show that was my favorite of all of them, The Threee Geniuses. A bunch of people would futz around with the public access studio equipment and used TV clips and obscure sound effects. I thought I was the only Missouri Synod Lutheran who watched this regularly. Nobody at Irvine or at the Sem have ever watched it, a shame as I want to hang out with such people. (And I want you to watch it with me so I won’t be the only Confessional who contemplates the death and rebirth and re-death of psychedelia.)

Song of the Moment: Jon of the Shred’s Manhunt: A Last Stand

I have been listening to Synthetix.FM’s podcast and I found this track from a horrorcore/synthwave performer. This is from a concept album The Spectre City Slasher, about a serial killer being cast out from a dystopian city and into a cannibal-infested desert.

I enjoyed Track 7 the best. I thought a certain part (from 1:23) was perfect for RPGs and feats of badassery. (Maybe background music for the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, if you are a Pre-Mil Dispie.) Or probably good for a procession for a triumphant nobleman with heavy Machiavellian tendencies. I dare you to listen to this album, and CRANK IT UP when Track 7 comes up.

Le Métier de Beauté VIP Subscription Box (Aug 13)

Last month, I saved for LMdB’s VIP programme. For an upfront fee of about $340, subscribers will receive makeup and skincare products from the high-end cosmetic company. From what I have read, many customers jump at the offer. If you divide the sum, it’s a monthly sum of $29, about 8 dollars more per month than Glossybox, and more than most subscription services. (Some women would subscribe to two or more services. I subscribed to what is now call ipsy– myGlam at that time. I usually get one full size product and scads of samples. I stopped after four months.) When I saw what LMdB will send in its inaugural box on Facebook, I was excited, for it meant they most likely will send good stuff that is NOT chintzy.

Here is a bumper crop of luxe items, all in a cute box.

And here is a note with XO’s on it.

A frickin’ KALEIDOSCOPE!!! This alone would cost me $95 at Saks or Neiman Marcus. Some people got the Sterling Beauty dual kaleidoscope, I braced myself for silvers and rosy lips though I gravitate towards wines and purples. However, I thought I got something more appealing, the Chauvet Pont d’Arc. I did already received that one via the ALS drive. However, it was the only eye kaleidoscope I had and did not want to use it and ruin it. Now I can use one and save one for later (or for collection purposes…). In fact, I swatched one and this is what it looks like on NW40 skin:

The lustres/frost work well, the blue matte takes a little more effort.

This kabuki brush is cute in its pouch. I showed that to Preggie and he asked what this was for. Told him it is for face powders including blush, and brushed it on his face so he can feel the bristles. He noticed it was soft, not scratchy. That is a very good sign. I am hoping it won’t shed much.

This red lipstick is in a brand-new formula. I want to swatch it, but I do not want to use it until I am finished with some of my current lipstick. Hopefully, someone will swatch it. UPDATE: Two people did compare the unnamed red at the Specktra forum, one swatched it next to MAC Russian Red and Hourglass Icon. Very similar. Another person thought this red is similar to LMdB’s Madaket. (You know, I had to look up Madaket. I thought it was some exotic place in Morocco (or something along the Silk Road). It’s actually a village in Nantucket.)

I will need to practice using this Noir (black) liner. My lines are goofy when I use any eyeliner. My eyelids twitch when I use this.

Let’s see the total retail value: the kaleidoscope is 95, the kabuki is 85 at Nordstrom, the lipstick is 32, and the Noir precision eyeliner is 42. That’s a retail value of 254 bux, and that’s only the FIRST month! Talk about getting your dollar’s worth. Based on what I got today, I’m feeling optimistic about future shipments. Theoretically, they can send samples or just one full sized product and it will be more that we bargained for.

And now, I’ll speculate what would be in next month’s box. I thought of nail polish, but the USPS won’t allow that in the mail. LMdB’d have to use UPS or a private mail service. Maybe those eyemasks, so I can refresh my eyes after my long work with this year’s Ohio LinuxFest. (BTW, registration’s open. We will have a great line up!)

Goodies Co Box received

Some weeks ago, I got an invite to Walmart’s Goodies Company subscription service and February was my first month. For 7 bux per month I receive a box of snacks. I liked looking at pics of past months’ boxen and I wanted to have some interesting stuff. So, I subscribed, and got Box 6.

What do I see? A Nabisco Snackwell’s packet? That does not sound “gourmet”, but if it’s a new product, I give it a pass. Besides, it might be Weight Watchers friendly. Yay, snack with my coffee and bananas!

And here are my six items. We have Plentils lentil chips, two items from Nabisco (Snackwell’s Yogurt Pretzels and Chips Ahoy soft cookie), Peanut Butter & Co’s Dark Chocolate Dreams, Wai Lana’s Fruit & Nut Bar, and J&D’s Bacon Cheddar Popcorn. The God Whisperers would approve of that popcorn. But the lentil chips? When I think of lentils, I think of hapless Neil from British cult classic The Young Ones:

I have not tried these yet. I’ll try all but the Chips Ahoy, as I do know it would be a WW points buster. Preggie could eat it. The choco peanut butter reminds me of Nutella, and I will have to spread that sparingly for my peanut butter and banana sammich.