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The Poster Typo Saga, part 2

Wrote an email to the designers this afternoon, that the C looked like a G. They assured me that the Art Deco font is correct, after all they sold many posters without problems.

Okay, fair enough. But how one explain the C in the Kentucky Oaks poster? The fonts does look similar… except for that C.

I’ve talked to my coworkers and on Facebook. They said that it sure looked like a G. So it’s hanging back on my wall, for now. But I am staring at it and will stare at the letter until I fall asleep.

Be glad they did not use an F for the T in “Kentucky Derby.”

Sometime back after the estate sale, I redecorated the house to make it more my living space. Kept a few things and ordered a few prints for the family room and bedroom. Found this on sale. After all, you never forget the Derby in which you played an active role. I was not a mere spectator watching the telly, but I was a hostess guiding people to a crowded restaurant, bussing tables and getting the word on who would win. This print would look great in my bedroom. I had the Kentucky Oaks print framed near my wine bar along with a Secretariat poster, an American Pharoah print, and a Nyquist print.

This afternoon, I thought to dust and spiffy up when I saw something a bit off.

The C had a bit of a horizontal line, making it look like a G. Compare that with the C in the Kentucky Oaks poster.

I was miffed and then thought to pass it to my work, who may not mind having it in their break room. I showed the poster to one of the waitresses and a VIP patron. He was from Kentucky. I asked: “Guys, what’s wrong with the picture?”

The VIP responded: “The horse does not have any balls.”

“Of course not, it’s supposed to be classy, not vulgar. Read the words.”

“The 142nd Kentucky Derby. So?”

“Look at the C.”

*blinks* We all laughed. I went to the manager and he thought it was awesome to see a typo on official Derby prints. He wanted me to keep it, but I told him that I would twitch and get annoyed every time I walk past that on the wall. “Maybe you could call Churchill Downs and let them know about the G. Maybe get a corrected version.”

So I’m sending it back. And now, my bedroom wall is bare. Too bad, it really tied the room together.

Of Technicolor Pachyderms and other Vehicular Curiosities

18 years ago, I read this comedic Los Angeles Times Magazine article that introduced me and the sibs to a funny roadtrip game. I thought it was freakin’ awesome and the sibs and I ended up referencing Ms Fitch’s lexicon for years. Considering that California is full of drivers of questionable prowess and/or taste, we had no trouble spotting a rusty Technicolor Pachyderm, a Metal Mama on the tailgate, or a Tile Tuneup.

Living in Indiana plus 18 years of technological advances means that the list needs updating. Humbly, I submit some additions for the next generation.

Unsafe Text: Driver swerves all over the place, paying attention more to the Crackberry than to the road. An update to “Busy Signal” and just as dangerous.

The South Shall Rise Again: Pickup truck with the Stars and Bars/and or “Redneck” on any part of truck. Bonus if driver blares Southern Rock or Country.

Bling Bling: an older car…with accessories worth more than the car itself.

Much Clown Love: A Juggalo behind the wheel. Count a point for every ICP/Psychopathic Records logo on vehicle. Five points if drinking Faygo.

Soapbox: a car with more than five bumper stickers.

Maybe other readers would like to add more entries.

Your Worst Life Now

We have plenty of Osteen fans at the park…I wonder how they reconcile their theology with historical accounts of martyrdom. Try preaching that to our suffering brethren today!


The Prediger laughed at this. He still remembered that Fighting for the Faith podcast when Rosie Ricardo (ay yi yi) deconstructed one of Osteen’s sermons.

Thanx to various Calvinists and Lutherans for the heads-up. Lee Shelton of The Contemporary Calvinist made that pic.