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The Poster Typo Saga, part 2

Wrote an email to the designers this afternoon, that the C looked like a G. They assured me that the Art Deco font is correct, after all they sold many posters without problems.

Okay, fair enough. But how one explain the C in the Kentucky Oaks poster? The fonts does look similar… except for that C.

I’ve talked to my coworkers and on Facebook. They said that it sure looked like a G. So it’s hanging back on my wall, for now. But I am staring at it and will stare at the letter until I fall asleep.

Be glad they did not use an F for the T in “Kentucky Derby.”

Sometime back after the estate sale, I redecorated the house to make it more my living space. Kept a few things and ordered a few prints for the family room and bedroom. Found this on sale. After all, you never forget the Derby in which you played an active role. I was not a mere spectator watching the telly, but I was a hostess guiding people to a crowded restaurant, bussing tables and getting the word on who would win. This print would look great in my bedroom. I had the Kentucky Oaks print framed near my wine bar along with a Secretariat poster, an American Pharoah print, and a Nyquist print.

This afternoon, I thought to dust and spiffy up when I saw something a bit off.

The C had a bit of a horizontal line, making it look like a G. Compare that with the C in the Kentucky Oaks poster.

I was miffed and then thought to pass it to my work, who may not mind having it in their break room. I showed the poster to one of the waitresses and a VIP patron. He was from Kentucky. I asked: “Guys, what’s wrong with the picture?”

The VIP responded: “The horse does not have any balls.”

“Of course not, it’s supposed to be classy, not vulgar. Read the words.”

“The 142nd Kentucky Derby. So?”

“Look at the C.”

*blinks* We all laughed. I went to the manager and he thought it was awesome to see a typo on official Derby prints. He wanted me to keep it, but I told him that I would twitch and get annoyed every time I walk past that on the wall. “Maybe you could call Churchill Downs and let them know about the G. Maybe get a corrected version.”

So I’m sending it back. And now, my bedroom wall is bare. Too bad, it really tied the room together.

Threee Geniuses

Tonight’s misGuidance Theatre presentation is so trippy, you don’t have to drop LSD to enjoy this.

When I was on summer breaks during college years, I’d watch public access channels for funsies. In the Los Angeles area, we have a crapload of epic weird and cool shows to watch, some of it very racy. One time, my brother would crank call an open line and would do a “Deez Nutz” joke.

But there was this show that was my favorite of all of them, The Threee Geniuses. A bunch of people would futz around with the public access studio equipment and used TV clips and obscure sound effects. I thought I was the only Missouri Synod Lutheran who watched this regularly. Nobody at Irvine or at the Sem have ever watched it, a shame as I want to hang out with such people. (And I want you to watch it with me so I won’t be the only Confessional who contemplates the death and rebirth and re-death of psychedelia.)

Private, Schivate

To the 32 pastors who sent Wilken that letter:

You sent the letter to the Council of Presidents and the Praesidium, about 40 or so guys. That’s not private. Private is when you make a phone call or a face-to-face visit and admonish the person. What you all did was attempting to ruin Wilken’s reputation.

You call down the thunder, now reap the whirlwind.

Shopping While Brown

Got word via FARK that an engineering student got detained by the police when he shopped for a Ferragamo belt.

I thought: Could it be that me or my family might have been profiled, since we are brown-skinned and do not “pass” as 1%? I have known classmates who were stopped by the police because they were brown/black. One of them was arrested and the sainted Prof Marquart* had to help him. I doubted that the police ever apologized to them.

FOR [redacted] SAKE, Mr Christian is an engineering student, not a “Thug”! He earned his money fair and square like everybody else in college would. I bet each of us starving students had a luxury item in our dorm rooms, some fancy thing we were proud to wear, hoping that one of these days, we’d make it big. And Barneys ruined that for him. What a utterly crappy way to treat people.

It was bad enough that we had Martin/Zimmermann. And now we are getting ready to beat a horse dead with debates about privilege and how racial profiling is a necessary evil, etc etc etc.

Forget you Barneys, I’m sticking to Saks, despite your highly coveted “Love Yourself” beauty goodie bag promo. The people at Saks Indianapolis were good to me.

*Kurt Marquart was a gentle giant, and he was very kind to foreign and minority students. He would be displeased at this “country club” injustice and would remind us that regardless of color, we are clothed in Christ’s righteousness.

Unfortunate timing for your article, no?

Got my Gottesdienst today from Redeemer and while most of Trinity 2010’s issue was good, I cannot help but having a bit of juxtaposition with one quote.

“Many Christians have been duped into believing that drilling for oil in Alaska will harm the pristine land.”

BP Oil Leak, Gulf of Mexico

“Many Christians have been duped into believing that drilling for oil in Alaska will harm the pristine land.”

Beach Closure, Grand Isle

“Many Christians have been duped into believing that drilling for oil in Alaska will harm the pristine land.”

Clean up at Grand Isle

“Many Christians have been duped into believing that drilling for oil in Alaska will harm the pristine land.”

We want our beach back!

Stick to what you do best– promoting the Liturgy. Allow the rest of us to be good watchful stewards as we advocate the use of energy alternatives.

Dear Margo: You just got trolled.

I call shenanigans on this letter based on several inconsistencies:

-First, there is inconsistent syntax. The letter was written like a Evangelical Protestant would have done: “We raised her with strong Christian beliefs”, “I’ve prayed over her at night while she sleeps, enlisted friends in a phone prayer tree”, “God-fearing”. What threw that off was when the letter-writer mentions that she has contacted her priest. Evangelicals do not refer to their clergy as “priests”…they call them “pastors” or “preachers”, depending on their denomination. Anglicans do have priests, but the syntax just does not fit.

-Second, Catholics do not conduct exorcisms regularly. Note this sentence: “…spoken to my priest about the possibility of an exorcism.” What did the priest said? I cannot ask the parish priest down the street and have him and his colleagues come by the house in a few days. In order to have one, you must ask the diocese bishop for permission. Same thing applies with Anglican priests. Any of the priests will rule out any psychological factors before they determine that it’s supernatural. They would advise the psychologically afflicted to go seek professional help and give them a blessing. And good luck telling him that you want an exorcism for your non-believing daughter. You might as well ask them to exorcise Dr Stephen Hawking for his unbelief. Also…Protestants who performed such services do not call them “exorcisms”…they call them “deliverance sessions”.

-Third, most clergy agree that it’s a matter of free will to reject Christ. They might chat with the daughter about where’s she’s at spiritually, but ultimately, it’s up to the questioning person to figure things out. By the way…if you are parents of a college student, why not visit the campus churches and see what they can offer for your student?

-Calling the FBI seems over the top. Atheism is not a thoughtcrime and is protected under the 1st Amendment. The days of J. Edgar Hoover are long past, and I’m sure that there are dedicated FBI agents who are questioning or non-believing. The only way they would respond is if she does actual crimes like movie piracy, trafficking or terrorism.

-Finally, why would this conservative Christian write to a secular agony aunt? The sort of person writes or calls Focus on the Family, EWTN (if Catholic), or even the 700 Club for advice before she considers asking someone outside the faith. Ergo… this letter is a troll.

Sunday Morning Frustration


The following is a rant. My apologies in advance.

I went to church expecting Jesus, and left empty handed.

The screens are questionable at best. But that is the least of my concerns. You guys had a 20 minute sing-a-long…of simple peppy hymns…not from LW, TLH, or the new Hymnal…with canned music…and no Lenten hymns.

Via a puppet, you told the children that keeping the 10 Commandments are a way to a good life as a Christian. Where is Jesus? The adult sermon is not much better.

I’ll tell you, Pastor, why people are excited over our favourite TV shows and why they are hesitant to attend your church: YOU DO NOT SHOW JESUS IN WORD AND SACRAMENT AS THE FOCUS OF OUR LIVES. Where’s the forgiveness of sins via the work of Christ Crucified? Instead, we are subjected to moralising and how following the 10 Commandments are a matter of having a “relationship with God”–by the way…which god? Not once you ever pointed to the Cross. Not once you did say we failed miserably at keeping the 10 Commandments and only Jesus followed it to perfection.

I walked out after the sermon, did not go to the Lord’s Supper as we are not in agreement theologically, despite its LCMS name. (And by the way, there’s no chalice, just little jiggers.)

I’m hesitant to attend church in Phoenix, lest I get disappointed. What should I do? Some of you are doing the Lenten non-commenting, so here’s the email: madtheo attt carolrutz dooott com !!!1!

Experience Weird Crap without LSD!

I was wondering whether I am a Paleo-Libertarian when I stumbled to this Boston Globe article of hacking the brain so you can experience mind-altering illusions without using controlled substances. (Thanks!)

Reminded me of that time in OSCON 08 when I tried on the Brain Machine goggles and saw weird things. I removed the goggles IMMEDIATELY as I hated the patterned flashing.

And for you…here is the Wonka Boat Freakout clip, complete with the infamous chicken head decapitation. How did the producers got away with showing that in a G-rated film, I do not know.

Australia: Spiting its nose

Another Fark article, this time about a German doctor being denied his permanent residency because his son has Down’s Syndrome.

If Dr Kurt Marquart would have been alive today, he’d be very angry at the injustice his former country has committed. I know he would, because he was all too aware that a country that does not value all human life is a country sliding towards slavery and oppression. I remembered when the Professor told the apologetics class about his stint as a pastor in Queensland. One day, a teenage girl went to him and told him that she was pregnant but her dad wanted to procure an abortion– all because he is on the church board and “What Would People Say” if his daughter is pregnant. He took the girl’s father to task for this sin. Since he has joined the Church Triumphant, I humbly ask the Church Militant in Australia to decry this act of stupidity. A town needs their doctor more than anything else, and that burden outweighs whatever burden the child may have incurred.