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Farewell to Pastor George Wollenburg

Written 22 August 2008 before the blog purge, intro updated 24 Nov 2015. Since then, I received a reply from Pastor George’s great-granddaughter and from his wife Martha. Thank you both for responding. Why I still have this as a page? It is because he was a decent guy who cared. These recent years, I’ve heard of District Presidents who threw church workers to the wolves and hurt congregations. From what I knew, Pr George was decent. I remember sometime after I was deemed unsuitable for church work due to my disability, he knew what happened to me. When people shafted me, he was one of a few who was kind to me. I will never forget who stood with me. -c.r.

I got word that one of my dear friends died today.

Pastor George Wollenburg was a great theologian and a pastoral man. He served the Predigtamt well and has a heart for people.

I remembered him as a humble down to earth guy dressed up in his cowboy clerical shirt. (His wife made those shirts. Picture the black clerical. Then add the Western wear piping and those snaps. You cannot find that in your Almy catalog.) Don’t let that fool you: George was President of the Montana District in our Synod and served on the Board of Regents at the Sem in Fort Wayne. I first met him at Symposia while I was a student. Very kind-hearted man, and when I had to switch to a secular vocation, George understood what happened. His friendship has helped me greatly during those dark times.

Pastor Wollenburg was a pastor in every respect. He was not a Theology of Glory jockey who would promote “seven ways to success” nor a bureaucrat company man. He was faithful to the Lutheran Confessions. He was faithful to Christ.

My thoughts and prayers goes to Martha and his family.

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  1. I came across this while looking up information about P.W. The church he started, Christ Lutheran, in Billings is celebrating its 50th in 2016. I was one of his vicars back when he was 5th vice-president of Synod in the late 1970’s. You understated his importance to the church! He was a game-changer for me, to be sure.

  2. Hello Pr Lucas!

    I must admit that what I wrote did not do justice to Pr George. 50th anniversary, wow! I still have one or two articles written by him and I should post them up here.

    I wish he was still alive so I could tell him that now I am doing okay.

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