The Emperor is Dead, Long Live Lelouch

Weeaboo Alert!

The final turn of Code Geass R2: Lelouch of the Rebellion is simply satisfying, a fitting end to this series. I do not know whether Sunrise will do a bonus episode wrapping up loose ends. It will help me figure out whether CC will finally be granted her wish.

I think that Lelouch has really died, no immortality gained by any Code and certainly not driving the hay cart. When CC was talking at the end, she is talking to him who is in the spirit world, like how the Emperor Charles communicated to the late Prince Clovis.

I can imagine the conversation between Jeremiah and Anya after the assassination:

Anya: But now what should I do?
Jeremiah: I ask the same question myself. War has lost that honor and prestige.
A: And there is not much work right now for a girl who knows how to use a Knightmare Frame.
J: Guilford suggested this idea to me…
*tosses orange to Anya*

A side note: how many of us noticed that the Empress still has her disability? A far cry from the BS idea that the disabled cannot lead. And speaking of Nunally: I bet a collective PHWOAR was shouted when she was in chains and wearing that red dress. The cosplay tailors will be very busy.

Final Turn of Code Geass R2 Tonight


They already have the unsubbed episode online. But due to my lack of Japanese proficiency*, I’ll be waiting tonight. By that time, I’ll be ready with pizza for dinner. (But not from Pizza Hut. Sorry, CC.)

*I know a few words, and I can recognize “onii-sama” [what Nunnally calls Lelouch– her “Elder Brother”] and “onee-sama” [“elder sister”, as used in the “Class S” schoolgirl drama The Virgin Mary Is Watching You].

Ohio Linuxfest in 2 weeks

The Ohio Linuxfest will be held in Columbus two weeks from now, and it’s a great gathering of Midwest FOSS geeks. This year, Joe Brockmeier (OpenSUSE) and Jono Bacon (Ubuntu) will do the keynotes. There will be a training cram session for the LPI exams on Friday, the OpenAFS hackathon on Friday as well, a pre-festival gathering at Barley’s on High Street that night, and lots of stuff going on. I’ll be hanging out with the Ubuntu Indiana group (lots of thanks for the carpool) and will again volunteer at the festival.

This week, the featured music clip is English Beat’s March of the Swivelheads, from the Ferris Bueller’s Day Off soundtrack.

March Of The Swivelheads – English Beat

This Week’s News

Sorry I have not been blogging, as I was busy with my studies and tooling around with WordPress.

Does any of you ever seen any British general election coverage on BBC?  There is this regal-sounding theme, and it turns out that it came from Rick Wakeman’s Arthur.


BTW, Pr McCain (not to be confused with the other McCain) has a nifty video that I’ve pasted up here.  More widget adjustments coming up…

Pfffft, I give up.

I’m dismantled my blog and starting all over.  I still have a copy of my SQL database, though.

There will be more changes later on.  You might see some old stuff one of these days.

In the meantime, here is the theme from St Elmo’s Fire.  As a kid, I thought it was boring.  It still is, but I understand it’s appeal.  You graduate…and you are moving on with a mate, new job, and new life.   The music is a gem.


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